Top 5 Reasons for Snacking Gajjak/Chikki - Health Benefits

Team HealthCult

Gajak/Chikki is a popular winter sweet made from sesame seeds(til) and jaggery(gur), both of which are extremely healthy for consumption during winters. 

Here are some health benefits gajak :

1. Til, jaggery and other healthy foods present in gajak keeps the body warm in winter and help to combat side-effects of winter and cold wave

2. Sesame seeds and jaggery are both great for digestion and ensure regular bowel movements due to fibrous content present in them

3. The presence of jaggery in gajak makes it a great energizer. Even sesame seeds are great for boosting energy levels, due to the presence of high levels of good fats in them. Eating a small piece of gajjak before or after your workout boosts energy levels

4. Sesame seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that are good for the skin, which tends to become dry and flaky during winters.

5. Calcium present in til and jaggery makes the muscles strong. Til and jaggery present in gajak is a good source of iron,it is helpful for anemic persons also. Combination of healthy til and jaggery is rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium keeps the liver healthy.

However make sure you eat small portions of gajak only once or twice a day as excess you anything is bad. So enjoy winters with a healthy dose of gajjak.


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