Top Winter Foods That You Should Eat

Team HealthCult

Winters need special diet to help us stay warm, protect us from flu, nourish our skin and hair, strengthen our joints and boost our immunity. Rujuta Diwekar shares some awesome simple healthy foods that help you stay fit in winters.

  • Bajra: Keeps you warm and satiated for longer
  • Gond : Helps to strengthen bones, cures seasonal bloating and joint pain 
  • Green vegetables like sarson, green lasun, bathua etc. Help to build immunity, good for eyes and stomach
  • Kand and root vegetables: Like sweet potato, ratalu, kachalu, carrot and many more. A good source of anti-oxidants
  • Seasonal fruits like guava, grapes: A good source of seasonal micronutrients that protect from flu and infection
  • Til : For good skin, bones and strength
  • Peanuts: A good source of proteins
  • Ghee : Helps in better digestion, elimination and lubrication of joints
  • White Butter : Helps in lubrication of joints and ia a good good prebiotic source
  • Pulses : A good source of proteins and anti-oxidants
  • Amla : A very good source of vitamin c and anti-oxidants. Prevents Flu, cold and other seasonal infections.


Here is the detailed video by Rujuta Diwekar 



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