Coronavirus Recovery: Feeling weak after recovering from COVID-19? Here is what you should do

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More than 80 per cent of the COVID-19 patients are recovering at home only with teleconsultations. After recovering from COVID there is another problem being faced by the patients, which is weakness. 

Patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms take around two weeks to recover, while patients with moderate and severe infection take around four weeks to recover. But even after recovering from the COVID virus, most people experience weakness in the body. In such a situation, people should take care of basic things like healthy eating and keeping themselves hydrated in order to recover faster.

If you are someone who has recovered from covid or if you have someone in your family who has recovered, here is what you can do to overcome the weakness associated with the coronavirus infection.

Eat a variety of fruits

Make sure to start your day with a plate of fresh fruits like pomegranate, orange, apple and papaya. You can include other fruits of your choice as well.

Drink warm milk

Drink warm milk with turmeric before sleeping at night. Milk helps in strengthening the bones and removing the weakness from the body.

Eat a variety of vegetables

Consuming vegetables is essential for the body. One must eat different types of vegetables during their lunch and dinner. 

Eat protein and antioxidant-rich foods

Eating a protein-rich diet is important for a healthy and speedy recovery. Eat things that are easy to digest so that the weak body does not have to work hard to digest the food, instead the energy is spent in healing process.

Steam inhalation
Taking steam with plain water 1-2 times a day has proven beneficial in treating symptoms like cold, cough and congestion. Performing steam inhalation may help in decreasing the respiratory issues, congestion issues in the nasal passage and airways.

Other things to be kept in mind


Keep having your multivitamins, vitamin C and zinc tablets as recommended by the doctor. Do not discontinue the medicine only because you have tested COVID-19 negative. Having multivitamins regularly can help in removing the toxins from the body.

Stay hydrated

Though you might not feel like having a lot of water, it's absolutely important to keep yourself well hydrated. Apart from water, you can also drink coconut water, juices etc.

Don't put pressure on yourself

Even after your COVID report comes negative, do not put too much work pressure on yourself. Some problems might persist even after a negative report, so walk a little and do not exercise much for a few days.

Keep distance

Even after recovering, keep a check of your oxygen levels and keep your distance from your family members for a few days. Wear a mask at home and rest for at least 10 days after your corona report comes negative.


Perform lung exercises

It's of utmost importance that you perform lung exercises after recovering from COVID to strengthen your lungs. From simple yogic breathing exercises to blowing candles and using the spirometer, one can choose from various lung strengthening exercises.


Stay positive

You are a warrior and have battled a severe infection. But sometimes, even after recovery, you might feel anxious, depressed or traumatised about what has already happened. To take care of your mental health, make sure to meditate and do things that you like to keep yourself positive.

Source : timesofIndia

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