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Renew your body, mind and spirit with this balanced blend of green tea leaves, lemon zest and soothing honey; an age-old recipe to cleanse your body and add vitality. Honey lemon tea is an intricate blend of garden fresh green tea, infused with natural honey and bits of juicy lemon peels. 

Green Tea with Honey and Lemon has multiple medicinal values. High levels of vitamin C in Lemons combined with two ingredients in a drink can help against a long list of common ailments and provide plethora of health benefits.

  1. Flushes out toxins: The Honey Lemon Green Tea, as a combination supports your body to effectively detoxify itself using the skin, intestines, kidneys, liver and respiratory and immune systems.

  2. Action against Infections: The antioxidant property and high concentration of vitamins and minerals in this combination blend serves as an effective home remedy for common ailments like colds and sore throats.

  3. Energize: TE-A-ME Honey Lemon Green Tea is a great morning drink to not only to energize the body but also kick start the mind. Unlike beverages with a high amount of caffeine, it has a soothing effect that lasts.

  4. Good Bye Hangovers: Excess consumption of alcohol leads to a headache, an unpleasant, bad taste in the mouth and an uneasy stomach. A warm cup of Lemon Honey Green Tea in the morning is fantastic for curing hangovers from last night.

  5. A Perfect Combination: Both lemon as well as honey, has antibacterial, antifungal and natural antioxidant properties, that help in preventing infections and diseases. Drink away the Tea to good health!