Healthy Vegetarian Lunch Options

Team HealthCult

Checkout some healthy and easy vegetarian lunch options -

1. Pasta salad : Pasta salad prepared with one or more types of pastas, and often tossed in vinegar oil. It must include fresh vegetables and a simple dressing devoid of any fat and cream.Serving size of 140gms consists of approximately 58 calories, which is a very healthy and simple option for lunch 

2. Rajma Chawal : Rajma chawal is the most famous delicacy made with red kidney beans cooked in delicious gravy with hot rice. However, use the white rice in moderate quantity when picking this for a working lunch as it might make you feel bloated.1 cup of 100gms of rajma chawal consist of approximately 110- 150 calories.

3. Sambar, rice and curd : 2 cups of rice and 1 cup of sambhar and curd is an easy, quick and simple dish to make. It is a very healthy and nutritious office lunch.This entire meal consists of approximately 300-500 calories. (via) Ensure that you control the rice portion to less than 60gms and add some vegetables on the side.

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