How to Stay Fit While Working

Team HealthCult

Staying fit is essential. However staying fit and following a healthy routine becomes difficult if you working 8-9 hours a day especially for a desk job. We are sharing some simple ideas here for staying fit and healthy -

1. Opt for active/standing/walking meetings

2. Park further away from office

3. Stay hydrated

4. Plan your meal in advance. Don't rush through it and use your lunch break wisely

5. Don't miss the employee health benefits like yoga classes, health checkup or any Friday activity

6. Bring protein-packed meals and snacks

7. Take a quick walk after every hour

8. Opt for stairs

9. Work hard and party harder

10, Make sure to have atleast 7 hours of sleep each night

Here are some healthy snacks that you choose for an energetic and mindful routine: