Food Safety Guidelines

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Here are some of the food safety guidelines that should be followed at home and wherever food is cooked and handled 


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IntroBot- From hospital beds to oxygen, this WhatsApp chatbot provides instant, verified leads

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As people desperately look for verified information to locate hospital beds and find oxygen cylinders, plasma, medicines, and other such resources, one tech innovation — a WhatsApp chatbot called IntroBot — is fast becoming the go-to resource for instant, verified pan-India leads.

Introbot, which is built by entrepreneurs Divyaansh Anuj and Utkarsh Roy, is a WhatsApp AI community chatbot that is powered by a team of 400 volunteers and collaborations with initiatives like COVID Citizens and others in the Indian startup ecosystem. 

By sharing real-time, verified leads on everything — from hospital beds to oxygen, plasma, medicines, and other much-sought-after COVID resources — IntroBot is helping those on the ground save precious time and precious lives.

How to use IntroBot?

So how can someone look for information use IntroBot? All you need is a WhatsApp account and then you can add the IntroBot Covid chatbot number (+1-234-517-8991). 

Users can start by sending a WhatsApp message saying COVID. The bot then responds asking you to specify what you need in x in y format. 

What this means is you’ll need to type in the resource you’re looking for and the name of the location. For example, you can ask for leads for an oxygen bed in Delhi or plasma in Meerut

The bot then sends you a verified lead of a supplier whom you can contact. 

Introbot covid helpline

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