Squats and Knee Exercises for Beginners

Team HealthCult

The same exercise that can hurt you is the same one that we use to build you up, because stress is stress and the only difference between making you and breaking you is the dosage.


A lot of people deal with knee pain and are often afraid to work the knee really hard for fear of overloading it. So thoughts like "squats are bad for me" or "that movement will hurt your knees" often prevail.

 Any exercise can hurt you. And any exercise can make you stronger. The question is, are you ready to handle it? Are you ready to do that weight? Are you ready to do push into that range of motion? Are you ready to do that full movement or do you need an easier version? Find your starting point and find your progression. And build.💪🏻

You don't have bad knees. You just have knees that need to start a little slower. But just because your walking the race doesn't mean you can't finish.

source and credit : Dr Jacob Harden

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