198000 210000

A box of healthy treats for your loved ones.

It contains : Aam Papad (400g), Cranberries (200g), 2 roasted flavored makhanas (25g each), 1 pack of 100% Roasted Namkeen (100g), 1 Healthy Mukhwas (100g), 1 Healthy Churan (100g), 1 Moong dal Halwa - make at home easy pack(200g), 1 Fard Dates (500g), Kesar (1 g), 1 Moong dal chilla - make at home pack (500g), 1 Roasted Nuts Mix (a mix of almonds, cashew, peanuts and corn nuts) (150g)

The box contains 2 complimentary diyas

Diwali Gift Box - Platinum
198000 210000

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