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A perfect companion for those suffering from backache while sitting. Scientifically designed & ergonomically crafted to prevent wrong sitting on any seat. Extra wide side wings provide additional support to lower back while maintaining correct sitting posture. Ensured long lasting resilience to make your sitting pain free. Can be used on any office or car seat.

Product Features:

 Scientifically designed lumbar curve  provides optimal pain free support. 
 Ergonomically crafted for use on any office/ Car Chair. 
 Lasting resilience to provide support over the years.
 Adjustable belt ensures that your backrest is in position whenever you sit. 
 Universal Size.
 No weight limitation 
 Easy to remove & washable cover
 Supports  full back

Recommended on

 Maintains Spinal Alignment
 Correction of Posture
 Muscle relaxation
 Prevention of Backache
 Ideal for Slip Disc