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 Charge up with tulsi ginger honey tea. Charge up with this healing concoction of invigorating ginger, therapeutic tulsi and soothing honey. An all-purpose remedy passed down from generations, TE-A-ME tulsi tea with ginger honey can be enjoyed as a drink to boost immunity or simply as an instant pick-me-up, any time of the day! Ginger tulsi tea is bursting with flavors of finest Tulsi with the zest of Ginger and sweetness of Honey, this tea makes for an incredible cup of sunshine yellow that instantly lightens up the mood.

Health benefits of tulsi ginger honey tea
 Tulsi tea with ginger honey combines a powerful trio of potent and natural ingredients that are well-known for their exceptional curative properties. Tulsi is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that helps prevent cold and flu; ginger aids in digestion; honey works wonders to soothe sore throat. Brewed from organic tulsi leaves and infused with the essence of pure ginger and natural honey, TE-A-ME tulsi tea is a daily treat for your mind and body.