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Soothe with jasmine lemongrass green tea. Soothe your body, mind, and, soul with the delicate scent of jasmine flowers and citrusy notes of lemongrass, blended with natural green tea leaves. As a smooth, low-astringency, and non-bitter green tea blend, 

Health benefits of jasmine lemongrass green tea

Fragrant jasmine lemongrass green tea is a wonderfully calming concoction that helps alleviate stress and promotes a sense of well-being, while it also boosts immunity and metabolism. Jasmine lemongrass green tea is made from the choicest tea leaves plucked from select tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling. Packaged in individually wrapped, air-tight tea bags for guaranteed freshness, aroma, and taste. 

Directions for usage

Place one teabag in a cup and pour hot water over it. Allow it to brew for about 3 to 5 minutes. Discard the teabag. Sweeten the tea with honey or sugar as desired. It is best served without milk. Can be enjoyed as a hot brew or an iced tea.