The Complete Festive Guide- What to Eat During Festivals, Exercising Guide and Detox Tips

The Complete Festive Guide- What to Eat During Festivals, Exercising Guide and Detox Tips

Team HealthCult

Festival is that time of the year to bond with people and relish the quality time spent with them. 

We are sharing some expert tips shared by renowned nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. These tips hold true for all festive occasions - Diwali, Dusherra, Eid, Christmas, Guru Purab and all other awesome festivals 

Food is central to all the festivals as it brings people together and any celebration is incomplete without them. So, do not hold yourself back from enjoying this beautiful time. Go for traditional food and meals as they are not only scientifically healthy but they go a long way in preserving tradition and culture. 

So here are the tips-

1. Do not skip meals : 

On most occasions when people have to go out for dinners or parties, they skip a meal or do fasting so that they can eat whatever they want later. Skipping a meal makes you feel bloated and you overeat later which means you would consume more calories than usual and also feel uncomfortable.

2. Choosing what to eat when you go out during festivals or parties

Have only 2 starter dishes, and 3 items from a single cuisine for your main meal. For desserts, avoid dishes that are available on regular days like ice-creams, chocolates etc. Instead that go for traditional sweets prepared only during the festive season.

3. How to choose the sweets/ desserts

Do not hold yourself back from relishing desserts, just be smart about what you put on your plate. Have homemade and traditional sweets. It is better if you can make traditional sweets at home or get it from the local sellers as these sweets are healthier and nutritious.

4. Fried foods - to eat or not?

Not all foods that are deep-fried are unhealthy. It all depends on how much you eat it and how it has been prepared. Rujuta advises you not to fear relishing deep-fried food during occasion. She suggests avoiding processed oil and opting for the traditional oil used by your grandparents for preparing the same dish. "You can eat deep-fried foods guilt-free. Just don't reuse the oil. Only homemade ghee can be reused," she added. The nutritionist strictly asked to avoid air fried and microwaved foods as they can increase sugar-craving and make you feel acidic later.

5. How to choose the beverage

Alcohol in any form is bad for health However if you are still having alcohol do not take alcohol on an empty stomach. Eat well before drinking to avoid bloating and other digestive issues. If you are opting for an alcoholic drink mix it with water, ginger and mint leaves. Have a glass of water before and after each drink. In case of a non-alcoholic drink, have coconut water or lime soda. Avoid cocktails and mocktails at all costs as they are high in calories. Have a glass of water before and after each drink

6. Eat at home before stepping out

One of the best ways to eat in limitation when going out for dinner is to have something light before stepping out. Eating something healthy and nutritious before a big meal prevents bloating issues. Rujuta Diwekar recommends having a banana if you are going to someone’s home for a sit-down dinner and a bowl of curd-rice/khichdi if you are going to a restaurant

7. After coming back home or post-party at night

To make sure that you do not feel bloated, gassy and uneasy after coming from the dinner party you need to follow some simple post-celebration habits. Have a glass of warm water on coming back to soothe your throat and stomach. Rub ghee on your feet before sleeping.

8. How to avoid acidity, bloating and constipation during festivals and post celebrations

  • Start your day with gulkand water
  • A 15-min nap mid-morning (post breakfast)
  • Finish your lunch with 1/2 banana
  • Lie in suptabadhakonasana for 2-5 mins in evening
  • Have rice pej or kanji with ghee for dinner

9. What to Gift During Diwali:

- For family and friends, home made sweets or namkeen in reusable dabba (steel or glass)

- For staff, cashews and raisins

Avoid excess of packaging

10. How to Exercise During Diwali -
- key is to not over-exercise
- follow your regular routine if the days are not very hectic
- reduce exercise intensity by 30-50% if days are hectic

11. How to Detox post festivals : You shouldn't fall for detox programs, drinks or spas. As it can-
- damage the liver, our organ which naturally detoxes the body. It can change the body composition, you lose muscle and bone density
- Just follow your usual routine

12. The final word on how to enjoy Diwali delicacies-
- Look (at all available options)
- Pick (the most appealing delicacy)
- Chew (slowly, aaraam se)
- Relish (take a break before going for next helping)