Exercises for Stiff Back

Team HealthCult

If we are totally sedentary, we tend to feel more stiff and just getting up and moving is often the best place to start for many of these feelings.FIND THE TIME.


First, think about how you can get some more activity in if you aren't already. Can you get a workout in? Can you take a 5 minute break every hour to stand up? Can you go to bed 15 minutes later and go for a walk before bed or wake up 15 minutes earlier and take one before work? How about both? Can you stretch? Can you do this 5 minute routine before and after work? Or how about just after Game of Thrones?
You have time to move. You just have to find it, even if it is accumulated. It's not always perfect and it's not always optimal. But you can do SOMETHING. You have 15 minutes somewhere to help yourself feel better.

For the next 7 days, get 15 minutes of extra activity in and see how you feel. It can be low intensity. It can be high intensity. But make it something you relatively enjoy and move around. Find the time. Because finding the time is the easiest way to invest in yourself.

credits : Dr Jacob Harden

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